Ways to Save Gasoline


Here are some simple ways to save gasoline and save money on gas. These ten easy ways to save gas can help you save money, improve fuel economy, save gasoline, and, most importantly, take some of the pain out of high gas prices.

1. Check your tire pressure and ensure proper inflation is a way how to save gasoline

Under-inflated tires is a very common reason for poor gas mileage and fuel economy. You can save up to $.11 per gallon. Continue.

2. Check your air filter to ensure not clogged

A clean air filter is yet another key to improve fuel economy and a way to save gasoline and increase your miles per gallon. Possible savings are up to $.35 per gallon. Continue.

3. Accelerate with care to save gasoline

Another of the many ways to save gasoline and save money. Accelerate moderately so that your transmission can shift up smoothly into the higher gears. This tip can improve fuel economy by 20-30%. Continue.

4. Slow down to save gas

Project that each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is the same as paying an additional $0.20 per gallon for gas. A tip for saving gas...Slowing down will lead to you saving a large amount of gas. In extreme situations, save up to $.81 per gallon.

5. Use cruise control is a major way to save money on gas

A great way to save gasoline. Using cruise control, in particular on the highways, allows you to maintain a constant speed and will save gas. Gasoline mileage will be improved by 5-15%. Cruise control will improve fuel economy.



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