Ways to Save Gasoline




For convenience, many urban and suburban boat owners store their craft in the water at a favorite marina, but the association recommends a lift system that supports the boat in a sling, taking it out of the water, as a way to save gas. Otherwise, the boat should be hauled out of the water at least once a week so the hull can be cleaned to remove algae growth.

Read tips on ways to save money on gas for your boat.

A dirty hull results in a significant decrease in fuel economy. On many of the newer outboard engines, you can buy a computerized instrument that monitors fuel economy and lets you know, without question, which trim and speed most efficient and use the least gas. For most engines, they advise running at mid-throttle for maximum efficiency that's usually 4,000 to 4,500 rpm."

The computerized fuel flow monitor starts at about $300 but will save money on gas with fuel savings over the lifespan of the boat. A global positioning system is also built into many high-end sonar units and will also save money on gas by planning more efficient routes.

Of 2,400 boat owners surveyed on behalf of the National Marine Manufacturers Association, less than 2 percent said they do not plan to use their boats at all in '08 because of high gasoline costs.






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