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Might the speed limit change to 55 MPH?
Over three decades after federal lawmakers passed a measure that reduced the nation's highway speed limit to 55 mph, there is talk of going back to 55 MPH as a way to save gasoline.


Fuel economy is even important to boat owners.
National Marine Manufacturers Association said how to improve fuel economy has become an important issue for today's boaters. Luckily, the marine industry has responded. Modern outboard engines boast 35 to 40 percent better fuel economy than their counterparts from just a few years ago. Find out how boaters are saving gas.


Save gasoline money by commuting one day less.
When just getting back and forth to work sometimes seems to cost more than your take-home pay, what's a driver to do? The answer, in some cases, may be to just stay home. Continue


Police Departments try to save gasoline. See how police save money on gas


Scooter sales rapidly increase with gasoline prices
Faced with the economic impact of escalating prices for numerous goods, including $4-per-gallon gasoline, the long list of inefficiencies of gas-guzzling SUVs and trucks, and the long American daily commute, many Americans are turning to motor scooters and motorcycles as a way to save gasoline and save money. Read more.


The AAA predicts that gasoline prices will fall after Memorial Day
The American Automobile Association has predicted that the cost of gasoline will start to drop incrementally after the Memorial Day weekend.  More.


The Per-Capita Car Ownership in China Will Climb to 67% by 2010
This will lead to all around higher gas prices and increases the importance of tips and ways to save gasoline. More.





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