Ways to Save Gasoline



Some of the Top Gas Saving Myths

1. Pump gasoline in the morning because the gas and temperature is cooler and you get more gas.

This way to save gasoline is simply not true. Among  others, Consumer Reports states that the underground gasoline tank is the same temperature all day as the ground insualtes the tank.

2. If you drive a pickup, put the tailgate down to lower wind resistance.

Not true: Pick up trucks, and other autos, built today are wind tunnel designed to obtain the highest gas mileage.

3. Turn off air conditioner and open your windows.

This is also not true. Many studies show that wind drag from any open windows will actually hurt mileage on the highway. If you are not on the highway, you may abut break even, or slightly improve mileage, but it is inconclusive.

4. Keep your gasoline tank below half full to save weight in your car.

Questionable. While one way to save gasoline is to reduce your automobiles weight and ensure your car is cleaned out, if you travel with less gas you will need to fill up more often, and possibly burn gasoline while at the gas station, waiting your turn in line.



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