Ways to Save Gasoline


Tip #3 Accelerate with care is a highly effective way to save gasoline.


Accelerating just a little more slowly from green lights and stopping slightly more gradually for red lights has cut fuel consumption in Edmunds tests by 27 percent for a Ford Mustang and improve gas mileage by 35.4 percent for a Land Rover.

“Jack rabbit” starting is a huge fuel-waster. But this does not mean you need to be very slow and crawl away from every single light. If you drive an automatic, you just need to accelerate moderately so that the transmission can shift up into the higher gears smoothly. Stick shifters should be shifting early to keep the revs down. Don't lug the engine by downshifting if you need to accelerate. Stick shifters and their cars also have better fuel efficiency and are better for saving gas. One reason being you can slow down by downshifting, and not by needing to use the brake. This adds to the amount of gas saved. Always be sure to keep an eye well down the road for potential slowdowns. In other words, a way to save gas is if you accelerate to speed then have to brake right away, that's wasted fuel.


This may be be the most effective of the ways and tips for saving as. Studies show you can improve gas mileage by 20-30%. Incredible improvement.






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