Ways to Save Gasoline


Here are the remaining ways to save money on gas.


These gas saving tips will help you increase your car's fuel economy and save some money by not having to pay those ridiculously high gas bills.

6. Just clean out your car

The more weight your car needs to haul, the more gasoline it will expend doing that work. Continue.

7. Plan to use the most fuel efficient vehicle for the specific trip

If you have several vehicles, use the one with the best gas mileage / fuel economy for the daily commute. Continue.

8. Plan your travel route to keep away from fuel wasting traffic jams

Unfortunately you canít keep away from idling, riding the brake and speeding up while in a unmoving traffic jam. These jams are to blame for a big chunk of the gasoline cars use up and eliminating idling is an effective way to save gasoline. Continue.

9. Avoid idling to save gas

Your fuel economy is 0 miles per gallon idling. Continue.

10. You need to plan and combine your trips.

Combining numerous errands into 1 trip saves you time and money on gas. Continue.


Also, some about some of the gasoline saving myths.



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