Tips For Saving Gas




The best tip to save fuel is to acquire a more fuel efficient car. If you have a car that currently gets 18 miles per gallon, and you obtain another vehicle that gets 27 miles per gallon, you just increased your fuel efficiency by 50%, and saved 50% more gas, and will spend 50% less on gasoline.



Toyota Prius 48 MPG City 45 MPG Highway


Two Seaters with highest fuel efficiency

smart fortwo Convertible 33 MPG City 41 MPG Highway
smart fortwo Coupe 33 MPG City 41 MPG Highway
Mazda MX-5 22 MPG City 27 MPG Highway

The Most Fuel Efficient Compact Cars

Honda Civic Hybrid 40MPG City 45 MPG Highway
Toyota Corolla 28 MPG City 37 MPG Highway


Most Efficient Midsize Cars. Typically the best at saving.

Toyota Prius Hybrid 48 MPG City 45 MPG highway
Nissan Versa 26 MPG City 31 MPG highway


Most Efficient Large Cars.

Honda Accord   22 MPG City 31 MPG highway




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