Ways to Save Gasoline



Despite a very slight decrease in total motorcycle sales, which was attributed to the impact of a weaker economy, sales of many motorcycles, including high-end motorcycles like Harley-Davidson, the year  2007 remained the third best year on record for cycle sales.

Even more telling, interest in gasoline efficient motor scooters is at a 20-year high. This is according to a study by the Motorcycle Industry Council, a California based nonprofit trade organization.

Fuel efficient scooters and motorcycles are the most predominant form of transportation in Asia as well as Europe, mainly due to their consistently high gasoline prices, narrow, maze like road systems, and expensive automobile vehicle registration fees.

scooters with 50 cc engines get the best mileage, at about 100 mile per gallon. They are an incredible way to save gasoline. The cheapest range in price from $1,099 to $1,599. however, they have a top speed of only 35 miles per hour, thereby limiting the range and use of such scooters.








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