Ways to Save Gasoline



Many law enforcement agencies have multi million dollar gasoline budgets as well as thousands of miles of responsibility and areas to patrol patrol. So many law enforcement agencies are starting programs and implementing measures to save money on gas by reducing their use of the liquid “gold.”

Vehicle maintenance is a big a priority and one of the many ways to save gasoline by law enforcement, but keeping the fleet in maximum operating condition is not necessarily new concept for many departments. Regular air filter changes, oil changes, tire rotation, tune-ups and other preventative maintenance also help save wear and tear on the fleet as well as save gasoline.

Most area agencies and departments also have their own fuel pumps or use gas rebate cards. This allows them to buy gasoline at Fuelman stations around the nation, and is yet another way to save gasoline. The fuel is acquired at a discount.

Most departments are also initiating other tips to improve fuel economy, many of which are found here under ways to save. These tips include such items as turning off the engine more when stopped, limiting AC use, and encouraging less aggressive driving, acceleration, and stopping while on routine patrol.






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