Ways to Save Gasoline



Four day workweek can gas money on gas

With gasoline prices in many parts of the country averaging more than $4 per gallon, some companies are reviving an idea for which fans of three-day-weekends have long pined: the four-day work week.

The idea is that working four 10-hour days, rather than the traditional five eight-hour days, helps is a great way to save gasoline for employees, and save money, by eliminating one day of commuting each week. As gasoline prices continue to reach record levels, the idea may finally have some merit.

After eliminating vacations, holidays, personal and sick time and weekends, the average worker goes to work about 233 days.

As an example, with gas prices in Massachusetts averaging over $4 per gallon, if that worker commutes just 15 miles each way, he or she could be burning more than $6 in gasoline every day, or $1,416 annually, and working one day less per week is a great way to save money on gas.

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